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5% VAT Reclaimable!

The Rust Area Commission declared the City Pearl area an “immediate Rust Belt Action Area”. This means easier processes for construction activity – this provides a fast track for our project! The designation as a Rust Belt area is important from a real estate development perspective because, for residential buildings, if the floor area of the residence does not exceed 150 square metres, the buyer can reclaim the 5% housing tax on the new dwelling at the time of sale.

The government order about the rust areas: LINK

Further information about how the 5% VAT can be reclaimed by ordinary people: LINK

Interest Subsidy Loans for New Residence Buyers

For families looking to buy a new home with an interest subsidy loan make it more affordable to buy a home.

Regardless of the amount, the interest rate subsidy for home purchases of at least 50 square metres or a new dwelling with a useful floor area of at least 80 square metres of a new dwelling house or apartment building.

To qualify for the interest subsidy, applicants must have at least two children up to HUF 2.600.000, which can be granted for up to two children at the same time the same home loan entitlement at the same time.

The amount of the loan that can be claimed:

The maximum amount of the purchase of a family home for a family with several children may be up to HUF 10 million.

Further Information: LINK

Family Housing Allowance (CSOK)

Family home creation allowance, non-refundable grants are available for buying a new home for families.

Further information: LINK

Babaváró Loan

The Babaváró loan is available from 07.07.2019 until 31.12.2022. It is available for a maximum amount of HUF 10 million and a 20-year term, which can be used to cover the down payment for the purchase of a new home. For further information please contact your bank!



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