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Why Invest in Budapest, Hungary?

Prices at rock bottom compared to other European capitalsThis is the time to buy! Favorable taxation rates on real estate investment! Investment friendly business environment (Net rental income tax is 15% , corporation tax %9).

Strategic location – Distribution point for multinational companies. Direct investment in the last years by big car factories and many others. Budapest is also known as The Paris of Eastern Europe – In 2021, nearly 37 million tourists visited Hungary out of which 7.9 million travelers made overnight trips. Tourism is increasing and short term rentals are also growing. over the last 3 years has stimulated the rental market in Pest’s city center. Flourishing long term rental market – Tenanted apartments rented for long term and interest from  influx of students and foreign tenants.

  • Yields up to 6-7% – Apartments for sale in Budapest with rental track records.
  • Price per square meter in Budapest is the lowest in Europe.
  • 0% tax on capital gain on resale after 5 years; very low tax rate on estates.
  • Strong potential for real estate value to increase in the coming years.
  • A high rate of rental income, up to 10%.

An opportunity to make a “dream investment” with the quality and low energy consumption apartments of City Pearl (1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 etc.). The opportunity to own the kind of property you could never buy in other Central/Western European countries, located in a beautiful, bustling and vibrant capital city.

Hungary is centrally located in Europe and has seven neighboring countries. [Travel time is convenient from any European destination.] And finally…:

  • Hungary is a beautiful country and Budapest is a magnificent city to live in. It’s extremely safe and has a crime rate among the lowest in Europe. For the moment its fame still relatively unknown but as this is changing, the value of the real estate market changes exponentially.



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